From the moment you have spoken to our senior executive, we begin assessing your career and academic requirements – so that we can help you materialise them. There are a few brief steps that you will go through during this process.

The Knowing Stage

A brief introduction to studying abroad, what it means and implies.

The Wishlist Stage – What are you passionate about?

Very often parents and students have specific locations, geographic settings, countries, courses and universities in mind and we try to accommodate those preferences.

The Assessment Stage – Testing your comfort zone

Academic assessment of the student.

The Research Stage – We can help

Our team of experts take the wish list and the assessment results to help them thoroughly research and curate a list of universities.


The Unique List

Each student is provided with a list of universities that fit their specific requirements in different ways. Every student receives a unique list.

 The Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This document that helps in sculpting a student’s first impression to the university they are applying to – needs the thorough guidance of our experts. They will edit your SOP, helping you pinpoint the finer points of what should be the exact cohesion of events in your life and how you should be putting it in words. We work and concentrate on finding the right pathway for students wanting to reach their dream university. We focus on the needs of every student and accordingly help them build their application. Most importantly we work on the positives and try to negate the negatives from every student’s application.

Student Visas and University Applications

We apply for the student visa; we follow-up and we keep you informed well in advance for being financially prepared. We take you to the admissions – and ensure that the proceedings are flawlessly executed.


Even after admission, a student and more importantly, the parents’ concerns are not resolved. Concerns are surrounding - 

    The right flight to take
•    Student pick-ups and drops
    The date of reporting
•    The resources that the students must be aware of
•    The timely fees payment and
    Student Accommodation 

     We have dedicated executives who are professionally trained to take care of all of the above.

•    Timely Feed backs
     We are constantly in touch with our students and their parents to ensure that their experience is an                 
enriching one.