Envisioned to encourage higher education and provide admission-help to all, Let’s Talk by

Sunita Bose is the one-stop solution for all your needs and queries surrounding studying abroad. A leading foreign-education consultancy based out of Kolkata, Let’s talk aims at bridging the gap between information and opportunity. 


Liasing with parents and students to help them in mapping out the student’s academic dreams and goals, is just one of the things we do. Our goals are You-centric. Your academic aims are our aims, our effort is to convert your preference to your prerogative. Your choice is our mission. 


Your success is our success.

We don’t look for “opportunities for the best” - We look for the “best opportunity” for all.


After you’ve dropped in a query, our team of experts will get in touch with you, and understand your career requirements, your academic inclinations and the journey ahead of it only leads you to success.


What distinguishes us from others is the special care we take in making our students and their parents feel comfortable through the entire ‘study abroad’ journey. While others counsel students and cruise through the paperwork, we adopt the students and the parents as our own family, welcoming their questions and confusions, alleviating their fears and easing them into taking the most important step in their careers. We believe our success is a direct reflection of our diligence ‘on the job’ and how we make our students and their parents feel as they embark on their ‘study abroad’ journey. It’s a relationship we cherish together.


“I have, for 20 long years, seen various students take their careers to a different level, by making a simple choice. This “choice”, entails a lot more than just academics. It is about a student’s personal preferences, about their make of mind, and about their expectations from life. One very important thing to remember here is – a student doesn’t necessarily display the same kind of aptitude at all stages. They tend to grow and evolve into better thinkers and learners. And it is our objective at Let’s Talk – to tap the best opportunity for every student, irrespective of their grades. We put in extra effort, and the personal touch, in trying to guide the students and their parents towards a university or an academic programme that might optimize their existing skill-set, or enhance it. It is the “future” that we care about. And we do all in our capacity to nurture it. We have been majorly successful in all our endeavours so far, and the student-records speak for it.”


In the past 20 years, we have helped over 4,000 students find admission in the mainstream as well as unique courses in some of the best universities of USA, Singapore, Canada, Germany and so on. 


A list of student’s who got a scholarship through us :